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Do not stop taking Neulasta (pegfilgrastim) without first consulting your prescribing physician. Similar to every prescription, there may be some reasons why you might want to discontinue treatment with Neulasta, such as experiencing severe side effects. Regardless, it is critical to speak with your doctor about alternatives and your personal experience with the treatment before discontinuing the medication.

How often should Neulasta be given?

For more information regarding Neulasta dosage, please visit our dosage page.

Does Neulasta make you tired?

Tiredness may occur while taking Neulasta. If you experience abnormal or severe tiredness during your treatment with neulasta, notify your prescribing physician to make sure it is not abnormal.

How long does bone pain from Neulasta last?

Pain in the bones, or near the area of injection, is an adverse reaction to Neulasta. The amount of time the pain lasts, as well as its severity, will differ for everyone. In some cases, people have reported bruises and/or pain at the site of injection, according to the FDA.

Please note: if the pain is severe or lasts for a long time, it is critical to inform your prescribing physician, as this could be an indication of an allergic reaction or a serious medical problem.

Is there an alternative to Neulasta?

For more information regarding alternatives for Neulasta, please visit our alternatives page.

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