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Best NMN Supplement – NMN is exciting scientists with its cell repair powers – encouraging the repair of cell damage, increased energy and endurance, and fighting cardiovascular diseases. Consumers can harness these superpowers by using the best NMN supplement.

In this article, we give you a deeper understanding of what NMN is and the many benefits NMN supplements provide. We also share what some of the side effects are, and our reviews of the top five NMN booster supplements around. 

With this guide, you can make an informed decision when selecting your NMN supplement to give you optimum benefits.

What Is NMN?

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) is a naturally-forming molecule found in our bodies. Along with nicotinamide riboside (NR or Niagen), it builds a critical energy-generating molecule called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). Together, they are responsible for vital functions in our bodies.

It also regulates and monitors the creation of hormones in our endocrine system. Hormonal balance is key for building muscle, immune function, digestion, and even keeping happy. 

This synergy of these heroic molecules helps with anti-aging and fighting age-related illnesses. These include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and neurodegeneration. They also support the immune system and are important for mitochondria – our cells’ powerhouses that generate energy. 

There are many proponents of using NMN supplements, The professor of genetics and Harvard Medical School, David Sinclair uses NMN as part of his daily routine.


NMN and NR both essentially perform the same function – the building of NAD+. However, in the body’s process of converting these compounds to NAD+, NR naturally transforms into NMN, and together they use Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) to help build up NAD+.

The difference between the two comes down to size. NMN is the larger molecule of the two and needs to be broken down to fit into a cell. 

This is where cellular transporters come in. These are basically “doorways” into cells, allowing molecules to enter without the need to chemically transform.

There are currently no studies that prove one to be better than the other. However, some experts argue that NMN is one step ahead of NR. Essentially, it’s one step further down the pathway to form NAD+. 

NR has to be phosphorylated (the chemical addition of a phosphoryl group to an organic molecule) to create NMN. Only then will your body begin to synthesize NAD+.

NMN Has More Effects

Because NMN is essentially more processed than NR, it’s shown to improve various aging symptoms which NR has not. 

It’s also possibly effective in the treatment of Alzheimer’s. NMN repairs cellular damage in the brain. Supporting studies, however, are only in the early stages, so there’s no definitive proof one way or the other.

NR is unstable in the bloodstream and is quickly degraded into vitamin B3. This means that large quantities of NR are broken down before they can be absorbed to where they’re needed.

A comprehensive look at related studies leans slightly towards stronger and more diverse effects from NMN than NR. These include improved insulin sensitivity, better bone density, better mitochondrial functioning, and a stronger immune system.

Improvements in aging and a reduction of symptoms from age-related diseases have been seen more typically with NMN than NR.

Potential Natural Compound Against Insulin Resistance

Studies have shown that NMN can have positive effects on insulin sensitivity and signaling. Resistance to insulin increases with age and with age-related diseases – the more resistant our tissues are to insulin, the faster they age.

Insulin resistance is also associated with type-2 diabetes, making NMN particularly attractive to diabetics and prediabetics.

How It NMN Works

As we grow older, environmental factors such as pollution, radiation, and imprecise DNA replication due to aging cause DNA damage. Almost all cells contain molecular engines to repair this damage, and they use NAD+ and energy to do so.

Reduced levels of NMN, NAD+, and sirtuins disturb the process of regenerating cells, resulting in rapid aging. NMN supplements can be taken to support an increase in this regeneration power. So if you have low NAD levels it could be beneficial to begin taking nicotinamide mononucleotide in supplement form.

There are various categories of NMN supplements available on the market, each with different benefits and delivery methods.

NMN Powder

This is the cheapest form of NMN supplement. It’s also, unfortunately, the most difficult for the body to absorb. 

When NMN and NR enter the stomach unprotected (by a capsule, for example), stomach acid breaks it down into NAM (nicotinamide) before it’s able to reach the tissues and cells that need support. 

Increasing your dosage of NMN powder won’t work to circumnavigate this, as this leads to excessive NAM which has health consequences. 

Sublingual NMN

This form of NMN supplement is dissolved under the tongue, which means it bypasses the liver and therefore more of it makes it into the bloodstream. It’s a more expensive form of NMN, but this is because of its faster ingestion giving you a quick boost of energy.

Intranasal NMN

Intranasal NMN is one of the best options for getting NMN to the brain, being able to bypass the blood-brain barrier. It requires lower doses, has fewer side effects, and has seen excellent increases of NMN in the brain. 

Intranasal NMN is most common in the form of nasal spray bottles.

Liposomal NMN

Liposomes are small fatty shells that encase the NMN. Liposomal NMN supplements are ingested orally as capsules, and the presence of the liposomes prevents degradation of the NMN in the stomach, so more of it can be absorbed by the body.

Liposomes also help with sustained release of the NMN, which results in a consistent increase of NAD+ over 24 hours.

Health Benefits of NMN

NMN’s true superpower lies in what it promotes inside the cells – the integrity of our DNA. And healthy DNA improves health and wellness in every part of our bodies. Let’s take a look at all of the potential benefits of these anti aging supplements.

Improved Heart Function

Your heart is constantly at work, whether you’re running a marathon or fast asleep, so it requires a constant supply of energy. NAD+ gives the heart this energy. 

DNA Repair and Maintenance

DNA damage is something we all experience during our lives. Age and environmental effects can all lead to damage to our DNA. The older you are, the more these errors in our DNA compound, leading to illness and disease.

DNA damage can result in auto-immune dysfunctionality, which lowers the body’s defense against diseases like cancer. 

Sirtuins, which are activated by NMN, stabilize and repair these chromosome ends – meaning they fix the damage – and the body’s resistance to disease increases.

Enhances Mitochondrial Function

Mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells, converting molecules from the food we eat into energy. NAD+ is at the center of this process. 

NMN keeps mitochondria fueled, and when there’s not enough NMN, we lose NAD+. When we lose NAD+, mitochondrial function decreases, which means our bodies can’t convert food into fuel. 

This can lead to conditions such as neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease as vital biological functions lack the nutrients and energy they need.

Muscle Health and Blood Circulation

Healthy muscles are vital for quality of life in our old age. NMN supplementation helps our muscles to improve energy metabolism.

Skeletal muscles keep us active and moving in our daily lives. To do this, they need energy from molecules like glucose and fatty acids, which come from NAD+. 

NAD+ metabolizes these molecules, delivering energy to our muscles, which require a steady supply of their building blocks, NMN. By increasing the availability of NMN, your muscular system can more easily bring in the resources it needs to maintain itself.

Risks Associated With NMN

The primary risk of NMN supplements is what they’re combined with. Third-party reports have revealed that some products include heavy metals, impurities, and other banned substances. 

There are also cases where products don’t even contain NMN, and what is labeled as an NMN supplement is really a powder or capsule filled with something else. 

You need to be mindful of which supplement you choose. Arm yourself with information before you make your purchase, and always read the label carefully. You can also chat with your pharmacist to give you some guidance and advice.

5 Best NMN Booster Supplements (Our Review) 

We investigated and reviewed many, many NMN products: chatting to experts and reading up on the most recent studies. 

Here are our top five, which have all been vetted by health authorities so they’re considered safe and effective.

1. Peak Performance NMN + Resveratrol

Best NMN Supplement

We love this product because it combines NMN with Resveratrol. Resveratrol is a polyphenol compound found in certain plants. It’s believed to act as an antioxidant, protecting the body against damage from free radicals. 

Resveratrol works hand in hand with NMN as an accelerator to enhance DNA repair. 

Quality, Potency, and Purity

The quality, potency, and purity of this product is another reason it ranks highly with our team. All ingredients are sourced from clean, safe environments, which the manufacturers further enhance with strict quality control procedures. 

Every batch is tested, and artificial processing is avoided to ensure the preservation of the maximum mineral nutrients.


Peak Performance NMN supplementation supports NAD+ to produce more energy and proteins to repair damaged cells. Combined with Resveratrol, the efficacy of this supplement is amplified. 

This aids in repairing the cells and DNA, which supports muscular health and strength, and improves vascular health and blood flow. The two active ingredients in this supplement are the two most frequently used in the life extension community.

Vegan and Allergy-free

This product is suitable for anyone who struggles with allergies and for vegans. The NMN capsules contain no gluten or preservatives and is free of wheat, peanuts, shellfish, eggs, corn, and soy. 

Peak Performance NMN supplements are manufactured under the highest quality USA standards and GMP regulations as determined by the FDA. 

Be mindful that extended use and overdosing can lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or liver dysfunction.


  • Antioxidant 
  • Lowers risk of cancer
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Aids in neuro-protection, including Alzheimer′s, Huntington′s, and Parkinson′s
  • Anti-inflammatory


  • Extended use can have side effects

2. Ultra Health – Liposomal NMN Booster

This product is 100% NMM with no preservatives or excipients. The manufacturer created a proprietary synthesis method to take the NMN through three crystallization processes. This ensures maximum bioavailability, allowing your body to absorb as much of it as possible.

The crystallization process also enhances chemical purity and improves reaction yield. Because this product is pharmaceutical grade, it carries a higher price tag. But at 250mg of NMN per capsule, it gives one of the highest doses of active ingredients per capsule.

Lipo NAD+ Complete NMN supplements are good for people who are interested in anti-aging, appearance, and who live an active lifestyle. 


  • Restores neurovascular coupling
  • Improves insulin activity and production
  • Alleviates metabolic conditions 
  • 60 capsules


  • Increase instances of side effects 

3. Alive by Science – Liposomal NAD+ & NMN

Liposomal NAD

This product from Alive By Science utilizes powder-based liposomes to protect NMN and NAD+ from breaking down in digestive enzymes in your stomach. The liposomes increase bioavailability in the body, making more of the NMN and NAD+ available for absorption.

The combination in these capsules allows for NAD+ to cross the blood-brain barrier for delivery to cells in the brain, while also effectively reaching other necessary parts of the body.

This product has undergone extensive testing, being triple-lab tested, and is free from impurities.

While the supplement itself has been thoroughly vetted for quality, there seem to be some issues in the packaging plant. Some users have reported getting their supplements with broken or damaged capsules, making them unsafe to consume.


  • Greater bioavailability
  • Cost-saving
  • Enhanced delivery of NMN
  • Non-toxic and biologically biodegradable


  • Capsule leakage

4. California Gold Nutrition NMN Supplement

NMN California Gold

This product has the added benefit of containing Lavitol – a bioflavonoid extract of dihydroquercetin which is a powerful antioxidant. This extract forms part of the flavonoid complex of NMN, Lavitol, and Apigenin – an active ingredient in chamomile tea that has traditionally been used to help with anxiety and stress reduction. 

Current research, however, is finding that Apigenin aids in anti-aging, working alongside NMN to increase sirtuins and NAD+.


  • Gluten-free
  • No soy
  • No GMOs


  • High doses could lead to liver complications

5. ProHealth Longevity NMN Pro 500

This variant of NMN booster supplement is focused on direct delivery to the small intestine’s Slc12a8 transporter sites. 

Slc12a8 is a gene that increases the uptake of NMN into the cells. And in the Pro 500, absorption is shown to increase by over 100 times. This enhances the bioavailability of the compound, giving you more bang for your buck.

The product is protected with enteric coating, a polymer added to the NMN for protection against digestive enzymes, so the molecules don’t break down in your gut.

  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Amplified NMN absorption
  • Made without solvents
  • Can lead to stomach discomfort 

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Supplement FAQs

Does NMN slow aging?

NMN is an important element in slowing down aging. NMN supplements, NAD+, and sirtuins work to boost cell health and regeneration which slows the signs of visible aging.

This is because healthier cells mean you feel and look healthy. However, it’s important to remember that NMN isn’t an anti-aging silver bullet. You need to lead a healthy lifestyle to ensure you’re getting the nutrients and exercise needed.

How long does it take to see results from NMN?

Your NAD+ levels should increase within 60 minutes depending on which NMN supplement you take.

Rejuvenation of cells will take a few weeks. Most users said they started to feel younger and healthier within two to three weeks.

At what time of the day should I take NMN?

You should take NMN supplements about six hours after waking up to achieve the highest efficiency. The first port of call though is to follow the guidelines on your supplement packaging.


Our exploration of NMN supplements and their benefits leads us to conclude that these supplements should become a part of our lifestyles.

Using the right supplement and in the correct dosages is the key to obtaining maximum benefit from NMN and increase NAD levels that will in turn help with the aging process.. Have this conversation with your physician if you are considering including this supplement in your diet.

Disclaimer: this article does not constitute or replace medical advice. If you have an emergency or a serious medical question, please contact a medical professional or call 911 immediately. To see our full medical disclaimer, visit our Terms of Use page.

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