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Bone broth protein powder is a calorie-conscious superfood that provides sustainable energy, adds protein to your diet, and even supports gut health.

If you’re looking best bone broth protein powder we have spent 10+ hours researching the taste, quality of ingredients, and whether it’s better than traditional protein powders.

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1 – Dr Kellyann Bone Broth Protein Powder
2 – Bulk Supplements Beef Broth Protein Powder
3 – Naked Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder
4 – Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder
5 – Terra Origin Collagen + Protein Bone Broth

The best bone broth protein powder on our list is Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Protein. It offers the highest protein content (21 g) per serving and, among the products, is more conducive to more diverse diet types (both paleo and keto). They also source their bone broth from pasture-raised meats, which according to studies, offer health benefits and are better for the consumer.

What Is Bone Broth Protein Powder?

Bone broth protein powder is a popular protein supplement made from bones (usually either beef or poultry, connective tissue, and other nutrients that are simmered for an extended period to extract the nutrients and proteins like collagen and gelatin. This low and slow technique normally lasts 12 – 40 hours to fully harvest the nutrients from the bones. 

Bone broth protein is also available in liquid form

Top 5 Bone Broth Protein Powders – The List

Here are our picks for the top 5 best bone broth protein powders based on their popularity among customers online.

1. Bone Broth Protein – Dr. Kellyann

Protein Content: 21 g

Source of Protein: Grass-fed Cows

Available Flavors (2):

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate

Bone Broth Protein is an excellent source of long-lasting energy and guarantees longer satiety. This easily digestible, highly bioavailable protein powder is made from real, grass-fed protein – processed correctly to preserve all nutritional value and purity.

Bone broth-based protein supplies the body with enough collagen to reinforce the strength and elasticity of the cells, skin, and soft tissues. The protein also promotes satiety, making you feel fuller for longer and effectively curbing your appetite. A collagen boost serves to lessen wrinkles, firm the skin, and even help gain muscle mass and strength. 

As a shake, it works best as a tasty and creamy pre-workout beverage. If you’re not into drinking shakes, you can use the powder in your smoothies, morning coffee, pancakes, or any other recipe that could use a protein boost.


  • Only has 2 grams of net carbs
  • Contains 21 grams of grass-fed protein
  • Low sodium content
  • Dairy-free
  • Sugar and sweetener-free
  • Soy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Grain-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Paleo-friendly
  • Keto-friendly
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Pricier compared to other brands

2. Beef Bone Broth Protein – Bulk Supplements

Protein Content: 18 g

Source of Protein: Beef (not from grass-fed cows)

Available Flavors (1):

  • Unflavored

Bulk Supplement’s Beef Bone Broth Protein is made from dehydrated bone broth liquid converted into concentrated, highly nutritious powder standardized to 90% protein and is replete with vitamins & minerals – making an ideal workout supplement. 

The concentrated form of protein yields its touted health benefits more effectively, such as enforcing immune function, promoting better sleep quality, strengthening bone density and healthier joints, aiding digestion, supporting immune function, beautifying the skin, and supporting muscle mass.

This protein powder can mix well into most foods and beverages of your choice – mixing well with no lumps and leaving no aftertaste. 


  • Standardized to 90% protein
  • Sugar-free
  • Dairy-free 
  • Keto-friendly
  • Mixes well
  • Versatile – can be mixed in most food and beverages
  • Manufactured to cGMP standards
  • Undergoes strict quality testing


  • Taste may not be pleasing for some consumers
  • The protein is not sourced from grass-fed cows

3. Bone Broth Protein Powder – Naked Nutrition

Protein Content: 20 g

Source of Protein: European beef bones

Available Flavors (1):

  • Pure (unflavored)

*Note: This product is closer to a standard beef broth, in powdered form, than it is to a traditional protein powder. We included it, though, because we love how clean the ingredients are and how it can be added to a wide range of recipes to bump up their protein content.

True to its name, Naked Nutrition’s Bone Broth bares it all with only one ingredient – protein powder sourced from European beef bones, exclusively processed in Sweden to help retain important nutrients and maximize their absorption in the body. 

The bone broth protein increases collagen production with glycine and proline to support gut health, stronger joints, and radiant, firmer skin. Collagen’s unique composition of amino acids and BCAA content promotes muscle building and helps those doing weight training workouts.

This powder blend is versatile enough to blend in almost anything — from hot water to soups to stews. Two scoops of the powder already supply 22 grams of extra protein. 

One potential downside is that, unlike most protein powders, it has a savory flavor. This can make it a little hard to drink it cold. We preferred it warm, in a similar way to how you would consume bone broth itself.


  • Only has one ingredient
  • 100% from European beef bones
  • No additives or preservatives
  • No sugar or sweeteners
  • Specially-processed to retain nutrients
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Soy-free
  • Free shipping for orders over $99


  • The savory flavor can take some time to get used to. Some might not like this at all.
  • Only available in the one flavor

4. Bone Broth Protein Powder – Ancient Nutrition

Protein Content: 20 g

Source of Protein: non-GMO, U.S.-farmed chickens

Available Flavors (5):

  • Pure (unflavored)
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Turmeric
  • Salted Caramel

Ancient Nutrition’s Bone Broth Protein sustainably sourced chicken bone broth concentrate comes from non-GMO, U.S.-farmed chickens and is 3x as potent* as homemade broth and promotes a healthy gut, strengthens the joints, and supports against inflammation.

All of the other options on this list are made from protein derived from cows (beef).

One scoop of this bone broth protein powder already provides 20 grams of protein in 90 calories, and contains powerful nutrients including collagen (type 2), glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, and 18 amino acids – all essential in building muscle mass, making this an efficient pre-workout supplement. It also provides other benefits like prolonged satiety, stronger joints, greater bone density, better immune health, and reduced muscle loss.

This broth protein powder’s pure and turmeric variants are highly versatile, easily blended into dishes, and serve as a base for soups, stews, and casseroles. While the naturally-sweetened chocolate and vanilla work well in shakes, smoothies, and even pancakes.


  • Uses cage-free, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced chicken bone broth
  • 5 flavors with both sweet and savory flavors
  • Paleo-friendly
  • Dairy-free
  • Grain-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Nut-free
  • Soy-free
  • Versatile enough to be mixed with dishes and beverages
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping for orders over $49


  • A bit pricier compared to other brands

5. Collagen + Protein Bone Broth – Terra Origin

Protein Content: 17 g

Source of Protein: Beef, Turkey & Chicken

Available Flavors (2):

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate

Terra Origin’s Collagen + Protein Bone Broth powder is readily your source of collagen, hydration, and protein to help you be in the best shape of your life. A serving easily provides 17 g of protein and type I and III collagen from real whole food sources like chicken, beef, and turkey.

This bone broth powder contains important nutrient cofactors that promote optimal joint function and support healthy hair, skin, and nails. It also serves as an effective pre-workout supplement, given that it contains medium-chain triglycerides, providing sustained energy fuel during exercise.

The product’s chocolate and vanilla flavors, naturally sweetened by stevia leaf extract, blend well with various beverages, yogurt, pancakes, or baked goods. 


  • Made in the U.S.A 
  • Uses whole-food sources (beef, chicken, and turkey)
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • No sugar added
  • Zero calories


  • Presence of stevia may not sit well with some customers

Protein per Serving for Each Brand

Here is the breakdown of each brand that we featured with the grams of protein per serving:

  1. Dr Kellyann – 21g
  2. Bulk Supplements – 18g
  3. Naked Nutrition – 20g
  4. Ancient Nutrition – 20g
  5. Terra Origin – 17g

Our number 1 product, from Dr Kellyann has the most mg of protein per serving of bone broth. That’s 4g more than the brand with the lowest content, Terra Origin.

Protein content per Serving for Each Brand (mg)

Benefits of Bone Broth Protein Powder

Bone broth protein provides plenty of health benefits:

  • High in protein – Bone broth is a rich source of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. It then helps build muscles, tissues, and bones.
  • Protects bones and joints – The collagen found in bone broth also protects joints from age-related deterioration and promotes greater bone density, benefiting those with conditions like arthritis or osteoarthritis. Calcium also plays a role in strengthening bones. 
  • Helps with digestive issues – Bone broth contains glutamine, an amino acid that improves digestion and gut health, making it possibly beneficial for people with digestive conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease or leaky gut syndrome. 
  • Contains electrolytes – Bone broth is a rich source of electrolytes, particularly calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium, which maintain the fluid balance in your body, stimulate muscle contractions, and transmit nerve signals. 
  • Improves hair, skin, and nails – Bone broth also contains collagen, which can fortify your hair, skin, and nails. Collagen itself is the main protein in structural/connective tissues like skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones.
  • Aids in weight loss – Thanks to its protein content, bone broth keeps you fuller for longer and helps reduce your overall caloric intake. As it curbs the appetite, it promotes weight loss and increases lean muscle mass in the process.

Nutrient Profile

One hundred grams of bone broth contains:

  • Calcium – 91.1 milligrams (Based on a 2,000 calorie diet) (9% DV)
  • Copper – 0.3 milligrams (17% DV)
  • Iron – 4.2 milligrams (23% DV)
  • Magnesium – 36 milligrams (9% DV)
  • Manganese – 0.3 milligrams (17% DV)
  • Phosphorus – 131 milligrams (13% DV)
  • Potassium – 506 milligrams (14% DV)
  • Selenium – 11.6 micrograms (17% DV)
  • Protein – 15 g

The primary amino acids in bone broth are 

  • Arginine
  • Glutamine
  • Hydroxyproline
  • Proline
  • Alanine
  • Glycine

Bone Broth Protein Powder Vs Other Protein Powders

Aside from bone broth, other food sources rich in protein that are manufactured into powder include

  • Whey (Isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate)
  • Egg
  • Pea
  • Casein
  • Soy
  • Hemp
  • Brown rice

How Bone Broth Fares Compared To Other Protein Powders

When compared to other protein powders, here’s how bone broth goes with its nutritional content per serving.

Bone BrothWheyEggPeaCaseinSoyHempBrown Rice
Protein10-15 g 9-20 g20 g25 g25 g25 g15 g12 g
Carbohydrates0 g7.9 g1 g 1 g1 g95 g (per 28.35 g)3 g (per 14 g)2 g
Fat1 g0.5 g0 g1.5 g1 g1 g3 g1 g

Cons Of Bone Broth Protein Powders

While taking bone broth protein (powder) is recommendable, it may cause a few occasional side effects:

  • Headaches
  • Dry mouth
  • Acne
  • Nausea
  • Digestive problems
  • Increased bowel movement
  • Bloating
  • Bone & joint pain

In some cases, bone broth may carry potential risks such as:

  • Histamine intolerance – Bone broth is quite high in histamine (due to the lengthy simmering process the animal bones undergo), and while it’s generally tolerable for the majority of people, others suffer intolerance. Intolerance symptoms include, Common side effects of histamine intolerance include headaches, rapid heart rate, bloating, constipation, gas, and brain fog.
  • Glutamate sensitivity –  Glutamic acid is an amino acid that yields health benefits, but some people are sensitive to it. Symptoms include digestive problems, muscle or joint pain, sneezing, and dry mouth.
  • Lead and heavy metals – Some types of bone broth carry a risk of lead contamination due to several factors – the type of broth, the brand, and where the animals were raised. 

Choosing The Right Bone Broth Protein Powder

Before settling for a bone broth protein powder brand, here are some things you should consider:

Ingredient Quality

Checking a prospective brand’s ingredient list on the label or online is important. Brands may not always be transparent regarding the ingredients used, with some using additives, preservatives, chemicals, junk fillers, yeast extracts, natural flavors, and sweeteners to make a product taste good, but losing protein and other crucial nutrients in the process.

The manufacturing process is also another important factor. While claiming to be allergen-free, some products are manufactured in places that use said allergens (e.g., nuts, dairy, soy, etc.) Always check if the brand is cGMP certified to ensure that its facilities continue to meet quality standards. 

Always Check The Label 

Checking the label matters because it lets the customer know what’s in the product they’re about to consume, whether it’s healthy or not, or if it contains ingredients that one could be allergic to or be detrimental to their health. 

How To Use Bone Broth Protein Powder

You can use protein bone broth powder in your cooking or mix it with boiling water and drink it on its own. It is a great choice for people looking for a convenient protein source. It can easily be added to smoothies (or a smoothie on its own), oatmeals, and special dishes for added flavor and as a substitute for milk or juice to get extra amino acids, vitamins, and electrolytes. Flavorless powders work best as a soup, stew, or sauce.

Bone broth protein powders also go well as a pre-workout supplement to help make workouts and training more productive. 


Bone broth protein powder is a natural way to help the body meet its protein needs. As the name suggests, they are made from animal bones and connective tissues, offering a rich source of protein and other important nutrients.

These powders help ensure that metabolism functions optimally. It also yields important health benefits like stronger joints, improved skin, and strengthened hair and nail growth. Each brand may offer unique benefits, so it’s important to read about a product before settling for one. 

But before considering bone broth supplementation, consider consulting with your healthcare provider or a registered dietitian to discuss how it can affect your health and suit your health needs.

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