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Bowel movements aren’t always the easiest thing to talk about. It would be difficult to bring it up in casual conversation, and thus we often find ourselves in sticky and uncomfortable situations when it comes to the health of our guts.

We recognize that you may be having trouble with maintaining regular bowel movements, which can prove embarrassing and even painful for many people, and thus you need a little assistance to return to normality. 

But what out there can possibly help you to regulate your bowel movements? Or are you just completely alone with this problem? Fret not, you are most definitely not alone.

Many people across the world have decided to turn to the wonders of natural supplements to help them achieve regular bowel movements!

These fast-acting pills help to fill your gut with all of the important digestive enzymes so that you can digest your food in an optimal manner, and get all of the nutrients you need every time.

The difficult question now is which supplements are truly the best for bowel movements? That’s why we’re here. Join us, as we’re about to go through some of the best supplements that you can pick up today to regulate your bowel movements!

Best Supplement For Regular Bowel Movement

1. Onnit – Total Gut Health

Onnit’s Total Gut Health is truly the best all-in-one dietary supplement we have encountered for years. It offers not only incredible dietary benefits but is also the perfect solution for irregular bowel movements.

This supplement will have your stomach working like a well-oiled machine, digesting food in record times in a way that helps your stomach and bowels to relax even while working hard. 

Helping Your Stomach

Onnit’s product most importantly helps to promote healthy systems of flora and live cultures in your gut, so that your gut can act at its best for hours at a time.

This also means that your gut isn’t making use of any temporary or artificial live cultures, as the Total Gut Health pill is simply accelerating your body’s natural ability to create the live cultures you need. This makes it a truly all-natural solution for your gut woes! 

These live cultures, alongside the enzymes and active ingredients within the pill, help to break down any food you eat, so that you can receive all of the energy you need for the day without having to chow down on masses of food or consume potentially dangerous energy bars or drinks.

The creation of the flora within the gut also ensures that the effects of each pill are carried forward days after taking the pill so that this pill acts as a great long-term solution for stomach or bowel problems.

Promoting good digestion is key to creating a healthier set of bowels, as only with proper digestion can your body create consistently sized and shaped stool that is comfortable and easy to excrete, without ever once leaving a trace.

This helps to quickly wash away stool issues that you might have been having, such as constipation or even irritable bowel syndrome.

Sachets of Wonder

Onnit also offers the whole package of benefits from Total Gut Health in one small sachet! Through the use of this sachet, you can make taking your supplements easy and efficient, so that it almost becomes second nature.

You can mix the sachet contents into your next meal, or even into a drink, to get all of the benefits you need right from your favorite meal. This is great for those with active and on-the-move lifestyles who need a quick and accessible solution for their problems that might otherwise be affecting their busy lives.

The ingredients within the sachet prevent gasses from being created during the digestion process so that no matter what you eat, or how unhealthy it is, you can rest assured that your stomach won’t be giving you awful pains throughout the night.

This also means that your bowels can more efficiently create stool in a consistent manner so that you won’t find yourself suddenly needing to rush off to the nearest restroom!

And don’t worry, if you just want a classic supplement experience, Onnit also offers Total Gut Health in the form of a pill, which only needs to be taken once, generally alongside your most substantial meal of the day.

The pills are small and non-obtrusive and can be swallowed down easily without causing a fuss or otherwise creating an annoying choking hazard. 

What Else Can Total Gut Health Do?

As well as its digestive benefits that help to keep your gut moving efficiently, these pills are also useful for their ability to bolster your immune system. Within each pill or sachet are just the right ingredients to promote a far healthier gut.

This helps to keep you healthy, alongside keeping your gut moving. This helps to give you more energy, help you to recover from illnesses, and also increases the energy in your brain, so you can tackle more work every day!

Are There Any Side Effects Associated with the Total Gut Health from Onnit?

Once again, the side effects from Onnit’s Total Gut Health range are very minimal. To begin with, you may experience slight gassiness and bloating, but as you continue to take the pills more frequently, your body will quickly adjust and you will soon find yourself experiencing no side effects at all!


  • Comes in both pill and sachet forms to make it easy to fit into your daily routine.
  • Helps to promote natural live cultures in your stomach to keep you healthy. 
  • Can bolster your immune system to make you more healthy overall.


  • Users have noted that these pills taste particularly foul.
  • Has a very hefty price tag.

2. Live Conscious – Digest Well

Our first product today is one that makes full use of all of the natural benefits of the World around us. Each pill is packed with a bountiful supply of 10 plant-based digestive enzymes.

Not only do these natural enzymes help to support the natural function of the digestive system, but they are also incredibly friendly to the environment. These ingredients are entirely natural and come from plants or fruit.

The DE111 Spore

The Digest Well supplement also makes use of a few lab-designed ingredients, to help to make this one of the best supplements for digestive health on the market. This supplement employs the use of DE111.

This is a genome-sequenced and clinically developed probiotic spore that has been designed with the sole purpose of aiding with digestive and immune health. 

The spores of the DE111 are made to spread once the pill is ingested, and are able to survive intense temperatures and even high pH levels. This makes them perfect for use within the stomach.

The DE111 also helps to provide quick and efficient bowel movement support and relief from constipation symptoms while also providing effective and long-lasting relief that will support you for countless hours. 

All Natural Ingredients

The Digest Well supplement isn’t just made up of ingredients with long and complicated names, or ingredients you’d never otherwise know about. These ingredients include such things as Pineapple, Ginger, and even Papaya.

Each of these fruits contains a plethora of naturally occurring digestive enzymes. Pineapples contain Bromelain, which enhances natural digestion and allows foods to move naturally through the intestines.

Papaya contains the enzymes Papain, Amylase, and Protease. These each help with digestive health in their own way, and are perfect for settling upset stomachs and bowels.

And finally, we all know the great benefits of GInger when it comes to our health. Ginger can help to soothe all manner of symptoms across the body, thanks to its soothing properties which work in tandem with its slight warming spice.

This makes for a great added extra to the supplement, to make you feel incredible and renewed. 

Easy and Safe to Use

You can use the Digest Well supplements with complete peace of mind. You only ever need to take one per day, and not only are the ingredients all-natural, but the supplements are also fully tested by a third party, to ensure that Live Conscious means what they say when it comes to the benefits of this supplement. 

The Digest Well pills are also entirely manufactured within the United States, and comply with all packaging and ingredient regulations so that you can be sure, every day, what you are allowing into your body.

This helps you to feel that you are in safe hands when it comes to your digestive health. 

Potential Side Effects

Many users of Digest Well note very few side effects and remain completely happy with their purchase. However, if side effects were to occur, you could expect such things as gassiness or bloat.

However, those that have experienced such side effects have noted that they have been far less severe than side effects from competing supplements. 

You should make sure to check before you buy that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients contained within Digest Well, as allergies to such ingredients could cause more severe side effects of reactions.


  • All-natural ingredients mean that you are not inviting any unhealthy chemicals into your body.
  • All-natural ingredients also mean that you are helping to protect the environment.
  • The DE111 spore is built to survive within your gut to keep you healthy. 


  • This product defines itself as vegan but does include small doses of lactose, so those with lactose intolerances should be wary.
  • The pills do have a rather foul odor.

3. Nucific Bio-X4

Not only does the Nucific Bio-X4 help you with your regular bowel movements, but it can also greatly assist you with controlling your diet. Ever found yourself at the whim of your cravings when you’re trying to cut down on your food intake?

Nucific understands this feeling perfectly, which is why they packed each individual pill with active ingredients that help you to curb those annoying craving sensations deep within. Within each pill is Caralluma Fimbriata.

This funny-sounding enzyme helps to prevent craving sensations so that you won’t find yourself tempted by that junk food in your kitchen cupboards!

Weight loss is also greatly assisted with this pill, thanks to other active ingredients which seek to speed up the natural metabolism within your body.

This is so that your body can get the most out of what you are eating and then efficiently store away the energy from it, to reduce the risk of creating excess fat. It also helps to make you feel more energetic on a day-to-day basis!

This is made possible by balancing the number of helpful bacteria in your stomach so that your metabolism can work at its maximum efficiency.

Easier Digestion

Every step of the digestion process is also gently eased onward so that you won’t find yourself facing any intense discomfort, and you can eat what you want, and then simply forget about it, without any annoying bloating or gassiness to remind you of everything you’ve eaten!

This means that you won’t end up suffering the consequences of certain foods later in the night, thanks to the enzymes within the X4. These enzymes also help to digest your food more efficiently than your body might usually do.

This is to help your body receive every single ounce of the good stuff from all of the food you eat, while also creating a clean and consistently sized stool so that your bowels can move at a natural rhythm throughout the day so that you can find and maintain your own daily rhythm!

Rigorously Tested

Every element of the Bio-X4 is specially engineered and tested thoroughly to provide you with the best experience possible from the product. This helps to ensure that every single active ingredient is safe for consumption and will have the desired effect. 

Once the pills have been created, they are then subjected to rigorous tests from third parties, in order to ensure that they can be used as an everyday product safely for as many users as possible.

Multiple tests have shown Bio-X4 to be one of the best and most dependable products currently on the market!

This rigorous testing also helps to make it easy to avoid allergic reactions and to keep yourself safe during use. All active ingredients are listed on the industry-compliant bottle so that you can be sure of what you are using, and avoid facing any unintended reactions. 

Does Nucific Bio-X4 Have Any Side Effects?

The only side effect you would likely experience from Bio-X4 is some light bloating. This could cause minor discomfort, but it is unlikely. The most likely effect it would have on you is a minor amount of gassiness. 

Just make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients within the pills, to avoid any major side effects.


  • Helps you to stay in control of your diet and manage your figure.
  • Boosts your metabolism to help you to feel energized.
  • The product is tested thoroughly by third parties, to ensure the best quality. 


  • There are slight imperfections and inconsistencies between individual pills.
  • May require a long time for effects to be seen reliably.

4. Hum Nutrition – Flatter Me

Flatter Me will certainly lead to a much flatter you! This product not only has an ingenious name but also has all of the right stuff to back up such a lofty goal.

If you want to flatten your figure and lose a bit of weight while also bringing some order to your stomach and bowels, then you can’t really go wrong with this product.

This pill is simple and easy to take and only requires that two be taken per day to receive the full benefits that you’ll see straight away.

You can intersperse them in between breakfast and dinner so that over the course of the day anything you snack on will go down a treat and without a single fuss. 

But how is it actually able to work so effectively from just two small pills? Surely something this life-changing couldn’t possibly be this small? Well, prepare to take your jaw off from the floor, because we can confirm that this product most definitely works!

In order to work so effectively, the pills make use of numerous active ingredients that help to get your system going faster and more efficiently than it may do otherwise! 

What Does Flatter Me Contain?

Flatter Me contains an incredible wealth of ingredients to help aid your digestive system and your bowels. Each pill contains 18 individual enzymes which individually work to maximize the efficiency of a specific part of your stomach or bowels. 

Let’s take a look at some of these enzymes so that we can see what these pills can do. Protease is one of the best and most important enzymes contained within Flatter Me.

These enzymes are built to stand up to intense conditions, which makes them perfectly suited to intestines which tend to get very warm.

These enzymes are responsible for promoting the digestion of proteins so that you get all of the energy you need from everything you eat. 

Similar to the Digest Well, Flatter Me makes use of Bromelain, which is naturally sourced from pineapples and helps to digest proteins. In fact, breaking down fats and drawing nutrients from foods is the main purpose of many of the enzymes within Flatter Me.

Papain, from Papaya fruits, helps to break down fats so that your body doesn’t retain more fat than it needs, and Lipase from Avocados helps to break down fats to make them more manageable for our stomachs and bowels so that your diets can be more healthy, and so that your stool is consistent and easy to excrete. 

Other enzymes include Alpha Galactosidase which helps your body to digest foods that would otherwise prove difficult, such as nuts and cereals. Amylase and Glucoamylase, which help to break down carbs, so that you can snack on bread and other baked goods without having to face the consequences later!

As you may have noted, almost all of these enzymes are naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables in the world around us, so that you can be sure that you are getting a naturally occurring bowel rebalancing, and you are also helping the planet, by making use of less factory-produced enzymes and additives. 

Good For You, Every Step of the Way

The Flatter Me pills are tested from the beginning of production all the way until the very end. Each enzyme and other active ingredient is fully tested and inspected, to measure impact and effectiveness, as well as suitability for consumption. 

Each product from Hum Nutrition is triple-tested, to ensure that every statement they make about their products is verifiable and consistent.

This really helps to build confidence in the product, and we can also vouch for it ourselves, our trials of the Flatter Me product showed incredible results that we were simply blown away by. 

These pills are also gluten-free, have no artificial flavors or colors, and have very few potentially allergenic ingredients.

However, you should still make sure to thoroughly check the ingredients list to make sure that Flatter Me is fully compatible with you. 

Does Flatter Me Have Any Side Effects?

As with many other dietary supplements, the only potential side effects of Flatter Me are bloating and gassiness. Though these side effects are minor and unlikely to cause any severe discomfort. 

You may be allergic to some of the ingredients, which would heighten the odds of you developing side effects. Just make sure to check the ingredients before you take Flatter Me.

What’s the Best Supplement for Bowel Movement on the Market?

So, we’ve seen some of the best supplements for bowel issues that you can pick up now, but what product truly stands up as the best of the best? We haven’t covered it yet, and you’ll likely find yourself thoroughly impressed with what it can offer. So let’s take a look!


  • The massive array of ingredients helps to keep you at the peak of fitness.
  • Ginger helps to soothe upset stomachs. 
  • All-natural ingredients give you confidence that you are getting a truly beneficial product.


  • Has a distinctly foul taste, so may be difficult for some to take initially. 
  • Some users have noticed stomach pains directly after the first use.

What Are The Benefits Of Bowel Movement Supplements?

Before we take a look at our top candidates, it’s worth taking a look at the types of benefits you can expect from dietary supplements so that you know how they’ll be helping you out.

The main benefit of dietary supplements is the ability to help the body to produce normal stool. Many people with irregular bowel movements may find themselves needing to excrete more often, or less often than their body should usually need.

For those suffering from constipation, dietary supplements, especially those with probiotic ingredients, help to reduce the amount of time that the intestines take to digest food, and help to create more frequent and regularly sized stool.

Supplements help the bowels to achieve a more natural rhythm so that the user does not have to be at the mercy of an upset stomach or an unnatural bodily rhythm.

It may sound hyperbolic, but supplements for bowel movements really help many people to regain control over their day-to-day lives and what they spend their time on. 


Getting your bowel movements in working order is vital to maintaining an ordered and casual lifestyle. If your bowels are moving irregularly you can find yourself taking frequent and annoying trips to the restroom which can slowly begin to eat away into your everyday functioning. 

Great bowel movements also help you to feel more fit, by providing you with more energy and reducing stomach and bowel pains associated with stool issues. 

This is why you should definitely try out one of the products we explored above if you’re experiencing any irregular bowel movements yourself! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bananas Empty Bowels?

Bananas are naturally packed with important fibers, which are great for relieving symptoms of constipation. However, this may not always be the case for some people.

Do Multivitamins Affect Bowel Movements?

Different vitamins can have different effects on the body. Vitamins that are rich in calcium and iron can lead to developing constipation, while those magnesium and vitamin C can cause diarrhea. 

How Can I Empty My Bowels Fast?

Fiber is most important when it comes to excreting. Fiber helps to soften your stool and promotes excretion within your bowels. Thus, you should aim to increase your fiber intake, or take a fiber supplement to increase the odds of these.
You might also want to use a stool softener, which will allow your stool to flow out quickly and all in one.

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