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Nucific BIO X4 reviews – BIO X4 is a probiotic-enriched weight-loss dietary supplement designed to facilitate optimal digestion and promote a healthy metabolism. Nuficic founder Dr. Amy Lee is an internal medicine doctor who specializes in obesity medicine. The ingredients include probiotics, digestive enzymes, nutrients, and minerals that are supposed to combat four major stumbling blocks:

  • A large appetite.
  • Strong junk food cravings. 
  • Poor metabolism.
  • Indigestion. 

This way, BIO X4 is meant to serve both as a probiotic and weight loss supplement. To quote her goal, “To keep nutrition simple,” let’s break down the science behind BIO X4. Is it effective or not? 

What is Bio X4?

Work, study, and other obligations tend to take up a massive chunk of our daily schedules. The resulting stress can sometimes make you have frequent food cravings (unhealthy ones, to be specific). Mental exhaustion makes it quite challenging to maintain a balanced diet, do regular physical exercise, and, consequently, live a healthy lifestyle. 

Eventually, one has to find a way to snap out of the rut and get it together in order to achieve a better, healthier lifestyle. Many people make use of specific methods, diet plans, and a few lifestyle changes to try and see some changes; it works for some, while in others, it doesn’t. 

And then there are food supplements…

Food supplements help deliver nutrients to the body that are not consumed in sufficient quantities by simply eating. These may come in the form of capsules, tablets, or even powder. In this case, food supplements that cater to weight loss and fitness are aplenty, and one such is Nuficic’s BIO X4.

First, let’s take a deeper look into the facts about the blends and ingredients it contains.


As we have mentioned, BIO X4 contains probiotics. Probiotics are live microorganisms or good bacteria associated with various health benefits, especially with regards to one’s digestive health. Many studies and clinical trials suggest that in order to maintain optimal immune and digestive health, one must have a healthy balance of gut bacteria. Having an imbalance of good and bad bacteria can negatively affect our health.

Fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, Japanese miso, and kombucha are good sources of probiotics, but there’s no way to tell the number of probiotics we actually get. See this list of the best pre and probiotic combinations.


BIO X4 has four specific ingredient blends that are formulated to yield its desired effects. Each of them corresponds to the four particular problems it’s supposed to address. 

Probiotic Blend

BIO X4 Content: 4 Billion CFUs per capsule

The probiotic blend consists of two kinds of bacterial blends, each with its own set of strains:


  • L.acidophilus
  • L.plantarum
  • L.rhamnosus

Lactobacillus species are considered good bacteria that are usually found in the human digestive and urinary tracts, which help the body break down food, absorb its nutrients, and destroy potentially disease-causing organisms. 

Each of its strains can help fix specific gut-related problems. For example, the L.acidophillus strain mainly helps extract the nutrients from food. It also fights digestive disorders, promotes the growth of good gut bacteria, and helps relieve vaginal inflammation as well. 

L.plantarum serves as an antioxidant and improves digestive issues. One 2019 study found that this strain helps fight infantile colic. Another study attests to its abilities in suppressing weight gain.

L. rhamnosus, on the other hand,  is one of the most widely used probiotic strains used in boosting the immune system, achieving gut and skin health, and aiding in respiratory inflammations.


  • B.animalis
  • B.Lactis

Bifidobacterium is one of the significant strains of bacteria that make up the gastrointestinal tract microbiota. It is highly beneficial to one’s digestive, nervous, metabolic, and immune systems. Ergo, having an abundance of it can be a sign of good health. 

The B.animalis strain is considered effective in relieving digestive problems such as diarrhea and constipation. A 2010 study found that it can increase bifidobacteria and reduce disease-causing bacteria like Enterobacteriaceae and clostridium among infants.

Many studies have found the benefits of the B.lactis strain. One research found it instrumental in improving gastrointestinal problems. Apart from digestive issues, it has been a promising agent in fighting oral and dental health problems

Digestive Enzyme Blend

BIO X4 Content: 43 mg

This particular blend contains three types of digestive enzymes essential for proper digestion. These enzymes are usually found in various fruits like mangoes, pineapples, bananas, and avocados:

  • Amylase
  • Lipase
  • Bromelain 

The first two, amylase, is an enzyme that helps break down carbohydrates, while lipase breaks down triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol. Both of these enzymes are actually already produced by the body, so there is usually no need to take supplements for them unless you’re suffering from conditions like chronic pancreatitis and fatty bowel movements.

Bromelain is an enzyme extract derived from the stem and fruit of pineapples. Foods like kimchi, yogurt, kiwifruit, and sauerkraut are also rich in bromelain. It helps the body digest protein and has various benefits in relieving inflammation, pain and improving one’s respiratory health. 

Regarding the use of its properties in aiding digestive problems, it has only been found effective in reducing diarrhea in animals. However, human clinical trials and studies are still lacking to fully determine and establish its effects on the human digestive system. And contrary to popular belief, bromelain does not help break down fat, nor does its enzymes are proven to aid in losing weight. It only breaks down the protein that the body receives from foods.

Weight Management Blend

Bio X4 Content: 100mg

Bio X4’s weight management blend has green tea extract as its main ingredient. It contains a plant compound called EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate). Various health benefits like reduced inflammation, boosted metabolism, weight loss, and a lowered risk for heart and brain disease are attributed to this compound. It can also act as a potent antioxidant that could prevent cell damage caused by free radicals.

However, results from available studies are inconsistent with their findings. Some studies affirm the benefits of green tea’s EGCG compound. In contrast, others say otherwise. Nonetheless, more extensive research is necessary to truly determine the potential of green tea extract to burn fat and weight loss.

Bio X4 Ingredients

Craving Control Blend

Bio X4 Content: 166 mg

At last, the blend to control all your late-night cravings! But don’t get too excited just yet. 

BIO X4 contains an ingredient blend called Slimaluma (Caralluma Fimbriata, abbreviated as CFE), extracted from a cactus native to India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. In traditional Indian medicine, this extract is believed to have some properties which can lessen appetite levels.

But what does modern science say? The studies made about it so far have not been convincing enough to show it significantly impacts weight, and inconsistent results have been noted. Some studies say it has little to no effect, while others contest that it helps reduce appetite levels and helps in weight loss. 

However, one recent study on overweight and obese individuals did find that taking a specific dosage of CFE supplementation resulted in a reduced waist circumference and daily caloric intake in some patients while maintaining the same bodyweight.

On another note, no harmful side effects from taking slimaluma have been reported yet. At any rate, more studies and human trials are needed to test the true efficacy and potential of the Caralluma Fimbriata extract in facilitating weight loss and healthy digestion.

BIO X4 Reviews

Bio X4 reviews

Nucific BIO X4 reviews – BIO X4 has a 4.6 out of 5 rating over 3819 reviews on their own site.

On Amazon the BIO X4 reviews are as follows:

3.9 out of 5 over 6374 global ratings

  • 5 Star – 53%
  • 4 Star – 14%
  • 3 Star – 14%
  • 2 Star – 7%
  • 1 Star – 12%

BIO X4 Positive Reviews

The top positive review is titled ‘Will help with severe constipation!’ The reviewer then stated:

‘I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 2 months ago….eliminated gluten, dairy, and added sugar from my diet. I went from having a BM every 7-10 days to having a BM every 3-5 days. A few weeks ago, I started using this probiotic in hopes that it would help me increase my BMs. SUCCESS!!! Over the last 4 days, I’ve had a healthy BM each day!!!! For me, truly a miracle! This has not happened in over 10 years! I highly recommend using this product!’

Top Positive Amazon Review

*BM = Bowel Movement.

BIO X4 Negative Reviews

The top negative review states that the product is ‘not worth the money’. The reviewer noted that ‘I have noticed absolutely no difference in my digestion or defecation’.

*As with all online customer reviews, we can only take them at face value as there are no guarantees to their legitimacy. It is however, a good gauge of the general consensus of the product.

Weighing the good and the bad

With all things considered, we give you a little breakdown of BIO X4’s pros and cons. 


  • Efficacy of certain ingredients is backed by research.
  • Supports gut health.
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Vegetarian, gluten, lactose, and allergen-free.
  • 90-Day money-back guarantee.


  • Needs more solid research on weight loss benefits.
  • Results may take a while to kick in.
  • May cause side effects.
  • Not available in certain stores


The recommended dosage for BIO X4 is to take at least one capsule per meal, though a person can double up the dosage with each meal, provided that they should not exceed more than six capsules per day.


BIO X4 is best bought from Nucific’s official website, though it is also sold online through third-party sellers. 

A bottle with a month’s supply of capsules costs $99.00. This might stop you for a moment, as it’s relatively more expensive than other weight loss probiotic supplements, which typically cost from $20 up to $40 for a 30-day supply. However, Nucific does offer a special discount if you order in bulk. For a 3-bottle order, you’ll only pay $87 each ($261.36 in total), and if you buy six, you only get them for $81 per bottle ($487.08). That is, if you’re really committed to taking the supplement consistently.

Nevertheless, it offers a 90-day full money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product. Contact the company on their official website, and you return an empty bottle for a refund.


Some studies support the product’s alleged health benefits: its efficacy in reducing weight, decreasing appetite, and lessening digestive symptoms and problems like constipation or diarrhea. Of course, optimal results are best seen when consistent intake is paired with healthy eating and regular physical exercise.

However, more extensive studies are needed on the power of ingredients such as green tea extract and CFE to determine how effective and consistent they are in burning fat and facilitating weight loss.

Nevertheless, many attest to BIO X4 as being an excellent dietary supplement for their digestive health. Its manufacturer, Nucific, has gained some relative success and credibility despite being a new player in the food supplement biz. It prides itself on being committed to using purely green and natural ingredients from the products themselves to their very packaging, steering away from the standard preservatives or anything artificial.

And above anything else, don’t forget that food/dietary supplements are not intended in any way to replace the treatment of or cure any kind of disease.

Side Effects

While Nucific BIO X4 uses all-natural ingredients and is clinically tested, that’s not to say it can go off without some problems. Certain side effects can manifest themselves every now and then. 

Probiotics are generally good for the health, but if you’re not used to taking them, they may cause a few stomach problems such as gas, bloating, or diarrhea, especially when you’ve just added them to your diet. There have also been a few reported cases of sepsis among those who took probiotics.

Overall, the side effects of probiotics can depend on the individual’s health and immune system and its reaction to some probiotic strains. Those who do experience them report them as only mild and last for only a brief period of time. But If you start experiencing persistent digestive problems and unintended weight gain, consult a doctor before considering continuing with the regimen.

Nucific Bio X4 Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if I miss a dosage of BIO X4?

No need to fret! If you happen to miss one capsule of Bio X4 after a meal or didn’t take any in an entire day, just continue as usual the following day. Don’t try to consume all more than two capsules all at once. 

How long will it take for BIO X4 to work?

In order to see some visible results, it’s recommended that the capsules be taken consistently for 60 to 90 days. Frequent ingestion will allow your body to let the supplement’s contents settle in fully in your system.

And of course, you’ll achieve optimal results when you also follow habits like eating a healthy diet and doing regular exercise. 

Does it have caffeine?

BIO X4 does not have any caffeine, so you won’t have to worry about sleeplessness after ingesting them.  

Who shouldn’t take BIO X4?

BIO X4 may cause some adverse effects on the following groups of people:

– People with pre-existing health conditions and compromised immune systems.
– Pregnant and lactating women.
– Anyone aged 18 and below.

Naturally, they should avoid taking the supplement at all costs, or at least without the permission of their physicians.

Our Final Verdict

All things considered, we can be assured that Nucific’s BIO X4 is a safe, relatively efficient dietary supplement, albeit with a few minimal side effects. It’s also safe to say that when taken religiously and paired with a solid diet plan and a physical exercise regimen, achieving fitness and overall health won’t be too far at hand. It’s difficult for anyone who takes food or supplements alone to yield any results without exerting some effort.

While some studies and clinical trials do attest to its health benefits, don’t get your hopes up too high just yet. Given the uncertainty of the properties of some of its ingredients like EGCG and CFE, the supplement may not yield drastic and spectacular results instantly. Hence, more extensive studies and human clinical trials on these ingredients are needed to confirm their potency. 

If you’re having some initial problems with taking probiotics, try to eat fermented foods like yogurts, pickles, sauerkraut, or kimchi first before going with the supplements. In that way, you accustom yourself to the probiotic content. And while you’re at it, why not include them in your diet plan too.

For the most legitimate weight management systems, we prefer the Calibrate Weight Loss program as it has the most science behind it. But for a probiotic that supports your digestive health, we like Nucific BIO X4.

Before anything else, be sure to consult with your trusted medical professional before considering taking BIO X4 or any other kind of dietary supplements to look through their pros and cons to know if it’s the ideal pick for you. It also pays to do your own research as well so as to spot early any possible concerns.

Disclaimer: this article does not constitute or replace medical advice. If you have an emergency or a serious medical question, please contact a medical professional or call 911 immediately. To see our full medical disclaimer, visit our Terms of Use page.

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