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On the lookout for the best bone marrow supplement? We’ll break down five of the top bone marrow supplements available on the market, and we’ll help you decide which one will suit your health needs best.

Is Bone Marrow Good For You?

The bone marrow is a spongy substance found in the center of the bones that’s important to the body as it contains cells that make up the immune system as well as stem cells that produce red blood cells, which then deliver oxygen to the body. Stem cells in the bone marrow mature into a variety of types of cells, each of which has specific vital functions that benefit the body

Benefits Of Taking Bone Marrow Supplements

Since time immemorial, humans have always sourced organ meats like bone marrow for its health benefits powered by its richness in fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, peptides, and active compounds.

Taking beef bone marrow supplements has a good effect on one’s health. Many high-quality bone marrow supplements include some additional nutrients rendered from processing the entire bovine bone which offer important health benefits:

  • Calcium – helps promote bone health, supports muscle function, and protects against dangerous toxins and antinutrients.
  • Microcrystalline hydroxyapatite – a compound that contains calcium and phosphorus, which are the major mineral components of bone. It can prevent bone loss and repair them.
  • Vitamin K2 – Bone marrow supplement contains vitamin k2, which then promotes stem cell activation in the bone marrow.
  • Bovine Activin A – Most bone marrow supplement contains organ-specific bioactive peptides such as Bovine Activin A, which can support the formation of cartilages and facilitate bone growth.
  • Collagen – Beef bone marrow provides glycine-rich collagen and other ‘relaxant’ proteins which help promote better skin and healthier joints.
  • Myeloid and lymphoid cells – These are important cells used by the body to produce white and red blood cells, which are crucial to immune health.
  • Boron, strontium, and manganese

Select minerals that help the body promote and utilize important hormones like estrogen, testosterone, and vitamin D (which is also a hormone) to increase bone mineral density, lower future risk of bone fracturing, and generate healthy bone cartilages. 

Best Bone Marrow Supplements – The List

1. Pastured Bone Marrow – Enviromedica

Enviromedica’s Pastured Grass Fed Bone Marrow is a whole food complex of grass-fed marrow, cartilage, and bone matrix that offers a rich, bioactive source of vitamins, minerals, stem cells, collagen, and essential fats to help strengthen the bones and skin.

The cartilage and collagen sourced from the bone marrow are rich in nutrients and can support healthy skin, bones, joints, and connective tissues and also promote lean muscle growth. The collagen, stem cells, and essential fats don’t just improve the skin, but also work together to promote optimal gut health and boost the immune system.

Enviromedica sources strictly grass-fed livestock raised in New Zealand. The beef liver is then gently freeze-dried to maintain biological activity and preserve heat-sensitive nutrients. It’s also free from dairy, gluten, sugar, soy, shellfish, nuts, fillers, or preservatives.

Amount per serving:

Bone marrow (bovine) – 750 mg


  • Made in the USA
  • Uses grass-fed bovine from New Zealand
  • Dairy, gluten, sugar, soy, nut, and shellfish-free
  • No preservatives or fillers
  • 100% freeze-dried to preserve nutrients
  • Easy to swallow
  • No aftertaste


  • A bit expensive compared to other brands
  • May take some time to yield visible results


Take 4 capsules daily, with or without food, or as recommended by your doctor. 

2. Grass-Fed Bone Marrow – Codeage

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Codeage’s Grass-Fed Beef Bone Marrow is a high-quality food supplement made of pure bovine bone, marrow, and cartilage, which are the most nutrient-dense parts of beef to support optimal bone and skin health.

The bovine bone, bone marrow, bone matrix, and cartilage used in this dietary supplement is sourced from high-quality Argentinian beef. Why Argentinian beef to be exact? Cattle raised in the pastures of Argentina are reared naturally and feed on nourishing grass which protects them from infections and strengthens their immunity. They also don’t use any type of hormones or antibiotics, making the beef quality higher, purer, and more effective in delivering its promised nutrients.

Apart from Argentinian beef, Codeage Bone Marrow contains high-quality ingredients and is manufactured in the USA in a cGMP facility. The capsules have also been freeze-dried, desiccated, and non-defatted to retain heat-sensitive nutrients

Amount per serving:

Grass-fed bone (including bovine, bovine matrix, marrow, and cartilage) – 3000 mg


  • Uses pasture-raised, grass-fed beef from Argentina
  • Freeze-dried, desiccated and non-defatted to preserve nutrients and bioactivity
  • 100% GMO and dairy-free, 
  • Keto-friendly
  • Zero carriers, fillers, hormones, binders, flow agents, stearates, preservatives, and artificial ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Third-party tested


  • May take some time to yield visible results.
  • Taste may not be agreeable to some.


Take 6 capsules daily as directed by a healthcare professional and can be taken with or without food. 8 ounces of water or your favorite beverage

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3. Grass Fed Bone Marrow – Peak Performance

Peak Performance’s Grass Fed Bone Marrow Extract is a nutrient-dense supplement sourced from healthy beef that’s known to be rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes to support the joints, bones, cartilage, and connective tissues. It can also improve one’s skin, hair, and nails.

While most bone marrow extract supplements are usually sourced from hormone-treated beef, Peak Performance’s capsules take the notch up higher by sourcing from 100% grass-fed beef and using its parts rich in nutrients such as bone cartilage, bone marrow, and bone matrix. The moisture is also removed from the beef to prevent the loss of heat-sensitive nutrients found in the bones and cartilages! 

The supplements are made under the highest quality GMP regulations and USA standards. These are also manufactured without hormones, gluten, GMO, fillers, preservatives, or flow agents to ensure safer and healthier ingestion.

Amount per serving: 

Bone marrow (with bone matrix and cartilage) – 3 g


  • Sources grass-fed beef
  • Contains no pesticides, fillers, or hormones
  • 100% gluten and soy-free
  • No artificial sugars
  • Agreeable taste
  • Third-party tested
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-for-1 donation to Vitamin Angels


  • The smell might not be pleasing to everyone
  • May take time to see visible results
  • Lack of specificity in ingredient content 


For visible results, take 3 capsules every morning and 3 capsules every night, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

4. Grass Fed Pure Marrow – Ancestral Supplements

Ancestral Supplements believes that sourcing grass-fed, grass-livestock born and raised without the use of pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics can yield optimal, more promising health benefits, and that’s exactly what Grass Fed Pure Marrow can offer.  

Grass Fed Pure Marrow’s unique ingredient blend contains the important fatty acids CLA, DHA, and EPA which help in weight management and cognitive functions, stem cells which aid in massive bone regeneration, and alkylglycerols which have been shown to boost the immune system and prevent cancer.

The supplements are freeze-dried and rendered in low heat to preserve the heat-sensitive vitamins, minerals, co-factors, and biological activity to ensure maximum effectiveness. Additionally, the capsules are GMO-free and are free from hormones, pesticides, fillers, and flow agents.

Amount per serving: 

Red and yellow bone marrow (Bovine) – 500 mg


  • Sources grass-fed & grass-finished cows raised in New Zealand & Australia
  • Hormone, pesticide & GMO-free
  • Uses no fillers or flow agents
  • 100% freeze-dried & non-defatted
  • Third-party tested for purity
  • Allergen-free


  • A bit more expensive compared to other brands
  • May cause certain side effects like stomach troubles, constipation, nausea, and heartburn in people with health conditions.


The suggested use is 6 capsules a day or as directed by a healthcare professional. They can also be taken with or without having eaten anything since the supplement is still considered food. 

5. Bone Marrow & Liver – Heart & Soil

The Bone Marrow & Liver supplement’s unique ingredient blend is packed with vital nutrients, minerals, and peptides to promote bone repair and regeneration, tissue repair, improve skin health, and boost one’s mood.

Red and yellow bone marrow is rich in peptides, growth factors, alkylglycerols, and stem cells to promote and support the formation of red blood cells, better skin, and improve immunity. Adiponectin and essential fatty acids like EPA and DHA are also vital for one’s cognitive, metabolic, and cardiovascular health, and can even foster muscle recovery. 

To preserve nutrients and bioactivity, the supplements are freeze-dried accordingly. They are also made without antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, GMOs, fillers, and flow agents

Amount per serving:

Grass-fed bovine bone marrow – 1500 mg


  • 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef from New Zealand
  • Freeze-dried and desiccated to preserve all heat-sensitive nutrients 
  • 100% GMO-free
  • No fillers, hormones, antibiotics, flow agents, pesticides, preservatives, and artificial ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to swallow


  • A bit expensive compared to other brands
  • May require longer, consistent use to see optimal effects.


Take six capsules once daily. It’s that easy. If you’re new to taking organ supplements, start with 1-2 capsules daily for the first week before gradually increasing by one capsule a day.

Final Take

A superfood in its own right, bone marrow has always been praised for its prized health benefits, thanks to its vitamins, minerals, and active compounds. Now that it’s available in supplement form, enjoying its benefits has never been more attainable, convenient, and effective.

If you’re considering taking bone marrow supplements, talk to your trusted physician first to assess your state of health and help you narrow down the best options. Doing research about possible benefits and effects is likewise recommendable.

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