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Electrolyte drinks like Liquid IV help rehydrate the body and replace lost fluids and electrolytes after intense physical activities. And just recently, Liquid IV just announced its new sugar-free Hydration Multiplier product line. How cool is that?! 

We’ll break down the facts and analyze what the sugar-free line has in store for you.

Sugar-Free Review Summary

Famed-electrolyte beverage brand Liquid IV launches Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free, a zero-sugar option that offers more of its standard essential vitamins and its own amino acid blend that will deliver 3x more hydration power than any other electrolyte drink in the market.

Other than a slightly saltier taste profile, all three flavors are just as good as the original versions.

What is Liquid IV?

Liquid IV was the brainchild of Brandin Cohen and Ryan Wheeler in 2015. The brand’s mission is to develop highly effective functional beverages that help people become better, faster, and more productive through the power of hydration. 

How Liquid IV Works

Liquid IV hydrates the body and directly packs nutrients like sodium, potassium, glucose, and B vitamins into your bloodstream. Thanks to its Cellular Transport Technology® (CTT), the ingredient blend is designed to help the body absorb nutrients more rapidly and effectively.

Just one stick of Liquid IV contains thrice as many the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks with 5 essential vitamins, provides faster hydration than drinking water alone, and significantly boosts your energy levels.

Liquid IV also promotes a culture of sustainability by reducing waste production and greenhouse gas emissions by exclusively using ethically-sourced raw ingredients and packaging materials produced with the utmost respect for farmworkers and local communities.

The New Sugar-Free Liquid IV: What’s Different?

Liquid IV Sugar Free Powder

Last June 21, Liquid IV publicized the launch of its latest innovation the new Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free line, which took two years to develop and market. The sugar-free version will provide consumers with smart and effective hydration designed for better absorption, with functional ingredients that yield important health benefits.

The Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free ushers this change by using allulose, a naturally occurring sugar similar to sucralose (table sugar), and is found in figs, raisins, maple syrup, and molasses, whereas the original Liquid IV variants use dextrose, an artificial sweetener made from corn/wheat which can spike blood sugar levels when taken in excess. In addition to the classic Lemon Lime flavor, the new sugar-free also comes with new Liquid IV-formulated flavors – Green Grape and White Peach. 

The new line has a proprietary amino acid blend of allulose, L-glutamine, and L-alanine, which increase water and electrolyte absorption at basal conditions. It also has higher levels of vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, and Vitamin C, and thrice the number of electrolytes compared to highly-sugared leading sports drinks.

Aside from allulose, the new product., like all Liquid IV variants, still contains stevia leaf extract, derived from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) plant, which usually has no significant effect on blood glucose levels, making it a popular sugar substitute. It’s also non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, with no additives or preservatives whatsoever.

Why Go Sugar-Free: The Science Behind the Change

More and more brands these days are opting for organic or sugar alternatives, which offer the same sweetness as sugar but with significantly fewer or no calories. These other alternatives include coconut sugar, monk fruit extract, and honey, which offer more health benefits than refined sugar and other artificial sweeteners. 

Consuming too many simple sugars can be bad for one’s health. While it does add taste and color, refined or processed sugars usually provide a quick energy boost, but it doesn’t contain other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. However, several studies show that highly sugared products increase the risk of unhealthy weight gain, dental decay, and diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Liquid IV Sugar-Free Review: Taste and Effectiveness

Liquid IV Sugar Free mix

We decided to see for ourselves if the new Hydration Multiplier really lives up to its hype. So we’ve ordered one of each flavor to see if there’s any difference with regard to its quality and efficacy.


I’ve already tried out the Lemon Lime flavor a couple of times, so I was kind of expecting something different given the switch from dextrose to allulose. To my surprise, there wasn’t much difference at all – the flavor is essentially the same as the original Hydration Multiplier one. If I had to note a difference I’d say that there is slightly more focus on the saltiness of the drink without the sugar to cover it up.   

With the two new flavors, White Peach and Green Grape, I must say I’m greatly pleased with these two. I was particularly piqued by the Green Grape flavor and I looked forward to trying out and I wasn’t disappointed! It was easy to chug down and left no aftertaste. The white peach flavor was also a revelation to me since I had never eaten or tasted white peach before, but I found it refreshing and not too sweet.

The powder is also super easy to mix up and formed no clumps. It’s best served with cold water.


I chugged down the Green Grape flavor before my workout session. I felt more energized and focused compared to my previous ones, with better focus and performance – I didn’t exceed beyond my standard 30-second interval breaks between sets like before. My mind felt great too.

Unlike my previous experiences with other electrolyte beverages and energy drinks, I didn’t feel any sudden energy crashes or downs. I felt a steadier flow of energy that lasted even after my post-workout meal and was gone just as I was about to lie down for bedtime.  

The Verdict: Is the Sugar-Free Liquid IV Worth It?

Based on my experience with the new Sugar-Free Liquid IV, I can honestly say that the new Liquid IV line does deliver on its promise – it doesn’t sacrifice taste and quality, if not improve it ten-fold. It’s worthily recommendable to anyone who wants a clean, boost of energy without consuming ridiculous amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners.


  • Zero sugar
  • Great taste
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Free from allergens (soy, gluten, dairy, nut, etc.)
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Dissolves easily
  • Conveniently sized


  • High in sodium (510mg)

Price Point

Here’s how the new Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier fares compared to other electrolyte beverages: 

PriceLiquid IV Hydration Multiplier Sugar-FreeLiquid IV Hydration Multiplier (Original)HydrantUltima Replenisher
Single Price$25.99$24.99$37.49$20.99
Subscription Price$20.01$19.24$29.99$18.99

The new sugar-free line is pricier by a dollar compared to the original Hydration Multiplier, having the same number of packets per pack (14 sticks). 

Final Thoughts

The launch of Liquid IV’s sugar-free Hydration Multiplier shows a clear growing trend among food and beverage manufacturers – opting for healthier alternatives and ingredients for their products to better serve their client base while simultaneously opening to a more diverse market.  

Having sugar-free electrolyte beverage options helps you enjoy the best of electrolytes without sugar level spikes, experience better clean energy, and generally have more to offer in terms of health benefits. However, their benefits do not make them complete substitutes for water, which is still the best source of hydration.

Cutting back or abstaining completely from sugars and artificial sweeteners can be especially helpful for those with high blood sugar levels, pre-diabetics, diabetes patients, and those with systemic inflammation. It also prevents the risk of weight gain, oral health decay, and cardiovascular diseases.

And for all its benefits and qualities considered, Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free is definitely worth the try. Test it out for yourselves and share your experiences with everyone!

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