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It’s not clear whether taking Stelara (ustekinumab) during pregnancy is a risk as there are not enough clinical studies to know if it is safe for parents and fetuses. Non-human animal studies showed it did not harm a developing fetus. 

Stelara and Breastfeeding

It’s not clear whether ustekinumab crosses over into breastmilk. Non-human animal studies indicate it does, but there is not enough clinical information about its use in humans. 


Is Stelara safe during pregnancy?

It’s not clear if this drug is safe to take during pregnancy; no human studies are available on the subject. Non-human animal studies found it did not cause harm to the fetus, however. Anyone pregnant or planning to become pregnant should therefore consult their physician to determine if they should continue taking Stelara. 

Does Stelara cause birth defects?

There are no studies that indicate whether it does or doesn’t cause birth defects in humans. It did not cause them in non-human animal studies, however. 

Are biologics safe during pregnancy?

To date, there is no indication that taking biologics in pregnancy is risky. There are limited studies on the subject, but most show it is safe to take them. Expectant parents should follow the recommendations of their physicians to determine if taking these medications during pregnancy is the right choice for them.

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