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Stopping Metformin or any antidiabetic medication comes with risks. Metformin withdrawal symptoms mean diabetes goes unmanaged, and that can have long-term health consequences. 

Please contact your physician before stopping metformin or any other antidiabetic medication.

How Long Do Metformin Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

Metformin withdrawal symptoms will last until the diabetes is under control once again.  

Withdrawal Symptoms

The symptoms would include conditions like diabetic retinopathy that affects vision, diabetic nephropathy that impairs the kidneys and uncontrolled infections, especially in the feet. Someone with untreated diabetes might develop nerve damage and heart problems, as well. 


Anyone with diabetes that requires medication to control the condition would be at risk. 

Treatment Options

The best treatment would be to find another medication to control diabetes. The risk of symptoms and long-term health consequences will continue until that happens. 

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