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It is unclear whether there is a concern regarding metformin and pregnancy. No clinical studies indicate a problem. However, women who are pregnant or considering pregnancy should talk to their doctor about taking metformin. 

Metformin and Breastfeeding

It is not clear whether metformin and breastfeeding are a concern. There is no indication that this drug passes into breast milk, but more studies are necessary. 


How much metformin should I take to get pregnant?

It’s up to a physician to determine the proper dosage. One study did find that taking 1500 to 2000 mg per day before fertility treatments could increase the chance of pregnancy by up to 53.6 percent. 

How does metformin help with fertility?

Some studies indicate it can help with fertility for women. It may not be the right choice for everyone, though. There is an indication that taking metformin may increase ovulation for women with PCOS. It may also increase the likelihood of live birth. 

Can metformin cause miscarriage?

There is no indication that taking metformin causes a miscarriage. In fact, it may lower the risk for some women. 

How long does it take to get pregnant on metformin?

It will depend on many factors. Some women have had success taking metformin for three to six months before starting infertility treatment. 

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