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Hydrochlorothiazide was the 12th most commonly prescribed drug in the United States in 2017, with medical providers writing 42,037,081 prescriptions for the drug that year. Because of its widespread use, it is important that consumers know more about hydrochlorothiazide, such as how long hydrochlorothiazide stays in your system.

Basic Information

Mean effective half-life: Hydrochlorothiazide has a half-life of 6 to 15 hours.

Peak plasma: Hydrochlorothiazide reaches peak plasma concentrations within 1 to 5 hours of taking the medication by mouth; this means the medication reaches its highest level in the bloodstream 1 to 5 hours after taking the pill.

Hydrochlorothiazide has an oral bioavailability of 65 to 75 percent, which means the body can absorb up to three-quarters of an oral dose. The body does not metabolize, or break down, hydrochlorothiazide. This fact means most hydrochlorothiazide passes through the body and into urine unchanged.


What is the half-life of hydrochlorothiazide?

The half-life of hydrochlorothiazide is 6 to 15 hours, according to the FDA. This fact means half the dose has left your body in 6 to 15 hours.

How long does hydrochlorothiazide stay in your system?

Hydrochlorothiazide remains in the body for approximately 3.5 days, depending on the consumer’s age, weight, other medications taken, and other factors.

Can you stop taking hydrochlorothiazide suddenly?

Stopping hydrochlorothiazide suddenly can cause blood pressure to rise quickly, especially if the patient is not taking another antihypertensive drug to control high blood pressure. Patients should never discontinue hydrochlorothiazide or change the way they take it without first discussing it with their medical provider.

What is the peak time for hydrochlorothiazide?

Hydrochlorothiazide reaches peak levels in the bloodstream 1 to 5 hours after taking the medication by mouth.

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