How to Debloat Fast

Bloating can be one of the most frustrating digestive issues that we might face in life. It is extremely annoying to see your belly bloat even when you are keeping your fitness in check.

Many misunderstand the signs and reasons behind a bloated stomach and treat it as how we counter belly fat problems. This only makes things worse, and you end up feeling bloated even more.

But don’t worry, because, in this article, we will cover everything you need to know about bloating and debloating. We will go through what bloating is, how it functions and what are the signs of acute bloating.

We will also dive deep in on how to debloat fast, the steps that you should take, and if you want to go with debloating supplements, what qualities you should look for.

What Is Bloating?

What Is Bloating?

Bloating is a condition of the body when the lower abdominal area gets a forced and temporary expansion. This may happen due to improper fluid retention, sudden gas build-up, allergies, and an unhealthy diet.

So, in short, bloating is the temporary situation of your body when it starts to push out from the lower half of the abdomen. Many confuse it with becoming fat even though bloating doesn’t increase belly fat.

It just upsets the stomach, and the gas build-up makes you feel like your belly is full and tight all the time.

If you know the signs, then you can easily determine if you are facing bloating issues or you are just getting fat.

How to Get Rid of Bloating & Start Debloating?

Now that we know what bloating is and how it occurs, let’s take a look at a few helpful tips on how we can counter bloating and debloat fast.

Keep Your Water Levels Up

If you stay hydrated and keep your water levels balanced, then you can counter bloating pretty easily. Drinking water also helps you to get a better bowel movement and digestive tract.

When you are stress eating or planning to cut down food intake but still feeling hungry, then taking a sip of water from time to time can be very helpful.

To cut back from soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, you can include fruit-infused water but ensure that they are not high in sugar. Otherwise, they will provoke bloating instead of preventing it.

But don’t go overboard with your water intake too. Because if you create a liquid imbalance in your body, then this will build up water retention and can be counterproductive for you.

Consume High Fiber Foods

Fibers can also help your digestion process and offer a completely better bowel movement. This also will ensure that your bloating issue is fixed as fibers can free up extra air inside your stomach. 

Having fiber foods also helps the digestive juices to perform optimally and this will ultimately reduce the bloating.

Stay Away from Salty Foods & Onions

If you want to improve your inflammatory response, then you must stay away from excess sodium. This means you must keep your distance from salty foods at any cost. 

Because sodium holds on to the water in our body, which starts to bloat after a certain period of time. You can take low sodium foods, but it is better to avoid them if you can.

But our bodies do need a fair amount of salt, especially for muscle movement and blood pressure. For this taking, an Epsom salt bath can be a great option.

Epsom salts don’t contain sodium, it is made of magnesium and a few other nutrients. It can be very useful for improving heart health and maintaining low blood pressure. The salt bath also helps the joints and the muscles to relax. So, it’s a great deal and a good alternative to general sodium-based salt.

The human body doesn’t produce the necessary digestive enzymes to break down onions that contain fructans. When they mix with the gut bacteria, these fructans lead to malabsorption which causes extra air and gas to build up in the stomach and later leads to bloating.

Add Ginger, Asparagus & Peppermint to Your Diet

If you feel bloated then ginger can be a great option to add to your diet. Gingers are able to simulate the digestive juices and help to break the foods faster. It also makes the stomach smoother during this process. And due to this, the stomach becomes empty pretty fast.

This makes sure that there is no more air build-up during digestion, thus the chance of bloating from digestive issues becomes very low.

We recommend that you use fresh ginger in order to experience all the benefits that ginger offers. As they have a very strong taste, we suggest that you start with ginger tea or add a small amount of ginger with your proteins.

Adding asparagus can also be effective if the main reason behind your bloating is salt. Asparagus counters the effects of salt and helps you to regain the fluid balance of your body. 

Brussels sprouts and asparagus are a great combo with lean proteins. We recommend trying them if you want to counter bloating and experience weight loss at the same time.

You can’t reduce bloating if you don’t include peppermint in your dietary plan. They ensure healthy digestion and a good digestive tract as they soothe inflammation in the stomach. You can enjoy peppermint green tea with cayenne pepper for better digestion and overall improvement in gut health.

Be Aware of Your Allergies & Food Intolerances

If you have allergies and food intolerance to certain fruits or specific foods then you will need to avoid them. Our body reacts to allergies very harshly and most of the time bloating is one of those harsh consequences.

So, if you are lactose intolerant, then you must exclude dairy products. To reduce bloating, you shouldn’t opt for fermented foods. But, in case you absolutely have to then just pick one or two. More fermented foods will just make things worse.

Follow Proper Eating Habits

You also need to follow proper food eating habits if you want to counter bloating effectively. That means you should eat slowly and in a proper rhythm. Eating slowly can reduce overeating and make you feel full after a meal. You should also follow this behavior when you drink water.

If you suffer from feeling hungry even after a full meal, then chewing gum can be extremely effective.

How to Debloat Fast – Take Anti-Bloating Supplements like Unbloat


An effective way to help your body reduce bloating is to use supplements like Unbloat. Unbloat prevents gassy build-up and contains 40 natural ingredients like ginger, peppermint, and such. The digestive enzymes also will help your bowel movement and free up space in your stomach.

So, overall it is a complete remedy for your bloating issue. And if you add these types of supplements to an optimal diet, then you can also enjoy a bloating-free life.

We ranked this product at the top of our list of the best over-the-counter gas and bloating medicine.

Signs of Bloating

There are quite a few signs that you hint that your body is bloating. Most of them can be identified very easily and once you notice them, it becomes very easy to counter bloating.

Along with the bulge on your stomach, these are the most common signs of bloating:

  • Upset stomach
  • Lingering stomach pain
  • Poor digestion & digestive tract
  • Excess water build-up
  • Sudden weight gain (In extreme cases)
  • Stomach feels full and tight all the time

If you find your body showing the mentioned signs, then you can be assured of the fact that you are bloating and not getting fat.

Why You Are Bloating?

So, why are you bloating in the first place? What is causing your gut and digestive system to face anomalies in the digestive process?

Well, there are a lot of factors that come into play when you look for the reasons for bloating. Sometimes, it is not even your fault that you are bloating as allergies, physical conditions such as periods, and food intolerances can also be the reason behind it.

That being said, here are the most common factors that can trigger bloating in the human body:

Unhealthy Lifestyle

The main reason behind bloating is improper digestion, which leads to belly bloat. If you don’t lead a healthy lifestyle, then you can’t hope your digestive system to perform optimally now, do you?

If the body’s natural sleep schedule is interrupted, or if you don’t give it proper rest or food, then soon you will end up disrupting the flow of your digestion. This later creates intestinal gas which has negative effects on the blood flow and will also begin to make your stomach bloat drastically.

Non-Optimal Diet Choices

This is also, part of leading an unhealthy lifestyle because having a good diet will not only improve digestion but also ensures that you don’t face bloating issues.

Taking fermented foods rich in sodium can increase the gas build-up in the stomach which can lead to bloating. If you take probiotics to kill gut bacteria, then this situation will create more gas and bloating in the future.

Having carbonated drinks also hampers the fluid balance and increases the sugar intake in the body. Sugar alcohols and soft drinks of any sort can be a core issue for bloating if taken in excessive amounts.

Emotional eating can also lead you to feel bloated, as most of the time we eat junk food which is rich in sugar when we are stress eating. Foods rich in refined flour can also cause gas and bloating.

If you are following diets that contain a lot of raw foods, then overdoing can lead to bloating as well because too much high fiber content can be a bit too much and can affect the good bacteria in the body. This ultimately leads to bloating as well.

Processed foods can also be a big reason for bloating. This is the same for fried foods as well. So, if these types of foods are included in your diet, then you will face the effects of bloating.


One of the most common issues for bloating is dehydration. If your body doesn’t get the required amount of water, then it can cause bloating. But drinking lots can also lead to fluid retention, this can lead to swelling in the hands, legs, cheeks, and also bloating.

Sparkling water can also lead to bloating. This is because sparkling water is created through carbonation. When carbonated water gets into our stomach, it gets stuck in there, and if it preserves there for a while, then you can expect bloating in no time.


Hormones also play a role when it comes to bloating. Low progesterone and higher than average levels of estrogen can lead to water retention in the body, which then turns into bloating.

This is often witnessed in female bodies during periods. So, if these hormones are off-balance they throw the digestive enzymes off balance also. This leads to you feeling bloated.

Having Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Allergies & Food Intolerances

There are certain cases of body bloating where it isn’t the fault of the diet or lifestyle. Instead, it is due to allergies to certain foods and intolerances like lactose intolerance or celiac disease.

In these cases, it is better to take the opinions of licensed nutritionists before choosing a food plan to avoid bloating.

These are the most known reasons behind bloating. For some special cases, there can be other unique factors behind bloating as well. But 99% of the time these will be the reason for your bloating.

Key Takeaways

Bloating can be a very troublesome issue, and if we don’t counter it at the right time, then it can lead to extreme cases in the future. But if you have followed this blog from start to finish, then we are confident that you now know how to debloat fast. 

Disclaimer: this article does not constitute or replace medical advice. If you have an emergency or a serious medical question, please contact a medical professional or call 911 immediately. To see our full medical disclaimer, visit our Terms of Use page.

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