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Oxycodone withdrawal is similar to what people experience with most opioid drugs. Although unpleasant, it can be medically managed. 

How Long Do Oxycodone Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

The withdrawal period will vary from person to person. Most of the worst symptoms tend to let up in a week. Some people experience minor symptoms like cravings much longer, though. 

Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms for opioids like oxycodone usually start with agitation and anxiety. Over time, muscle aches develop. Some people experience insomnia, a runny nose, sweating, yawning, and increased tearing.

Within a day or two, stomach cramps may develop along with diarrhea, vomiting, chills, and dilated pupils. 


Anyone who takes oxycodone could develop a dependence to the drug. Those with a history of addiction would have a higher risk. 

Treatment Options

The symptoms of oxycodone withdrawal may be managed in a healthcare environment, such as a detox center. They will provide comfort care, including IV hydration and medications such as clonidine, to help reduce the effects of the withdrawal.

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