Purple Sea Moss

Purple sea moss has been used as a nutrient booster for centuries, as it’s known to provide many benefits with its consumption. Although this plant-based superfood is nothing new, it’s recently been growing in popularity. So, what exactly is purple sea moss and what are the benefits and side effects that come with it?

What you’ll learn:

  • What purple sea moss is.
  • The benefits of adding purple sea moss to your diet.
  • The potential side effects of purple sea moss.
  • The variety of ways to take purple sea moss.

What is Purple Sea Moss?

Purple Sea Moss Benefits

Purple sea moss, also known as Chondrus crispus, is a common form of seaweed that can be naturally harvested from the Caribbean ocean off the coast of Jamaica and is often harvested from St. Lucia. Sea moss, sometimes called Irish moss, has a long history of use behind it, as it’s been utilized as an inexpensive source of life-enhancing nutrients for centuries.

As it’s increased in popularity over the years, new sea moss products for men and women containing this nutrient-rich ingredient have come to the surface.

On today’s market, a customer can find purple sea moss from Jamaica in sea moss gel, raw forms, pills, oil, lip balm, powder, and soap that can last a few months. But, it can also be consumed raw to add its life-enhancing nutrients as well.

While there’s a lengthy list of substances that can be found within purple sea moss, one of the most desired ones is its carrageenan. This complex carbohydrate is often used in its food grade form as a food thickener in things like ice cream, protein shakes, and chocolate milk.

Purple sea moss contains other rich nutrients as well, including calcium, selenium, chromium, magnesium, and zinc. When combined, the nutrients support their own purpose that can be seriously beneficial for one’s health.

Purple Sea Moss Benefits List:

Adding purple sea moss to your diet comes with some potential benefits.

– Improved Gut Health and Digestion

Seaweeds act as a prebiotic because they’re a good source of live bacteria and fiber, which support proper gut function. It also contains loads of fiber, which removes harmful bacteria from your body, thus promoting improved colon and digestive parts of your body.

– Healthy Immune System

Purple sea moss has been used for the common cold and flu for centuries. When you incorporate the minerals into your daily diet, it may help boost your immune system because of its amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins.

– Improved Skin and Hair

When you apply sea moss topically, it works to eliminate toxic microorganisms, thus helping get rid of acne and moisturizes it as well. Due to its high sulfur content, it can also help you add a naturally high-quality glow. Plus, there’s some evidence that leads to sea moss being good for conditioning your hair.

– Improved Thyroid Function

Purple sea moss contains iodine, which is a well-needed mineral that helps keep your thyroid properly functioning. Your thyroid influences your essential bodily functions and controls your metabolism and mood. It does this by producing iodine, making it important to ensure you have enough of this mineral.

While gaining a good amount of this mineral in your body is beneficial, be sure to monitor how much sea moss you’re consuming, as an overload of it is not good for the body.

– Boosted Energy and Mood Levels

Sea moss contains essential vitamins and minerals that help boost your energy and mood levels. These include magnesium, potassium, vitamin B2 and B9, and iron. If you have a plant-based diet, this benefit is even more important, as it will help provide you with the components your body needs to continue to thrive.

While the benefits received from this vegan Irish moss range per customer, it’s is overall healthy for consumption and is proven to provide your body with some of the essential nutrients it needs to thrive.

Side Effects

Before incorporating this organic antioxidant into your daily diet, it’s important to be aware of the common side effects that come with its consumption, including:

– Burning or Reddening Skin

If you begin to notice the burning or reddening of your skin after using a product, you may be having an allergic reaction. If you find this side effect to be true for you, immediately stop using sea moss products and seek medical advice if needed.

– Itchy or Irritated Skin

Purple sea moss can sometimes be overpowering for those with sensitive skin, which causes it to itch or become irritated. This makes it important that you look out for these side effects after topical application.

– Nausea and/or Vomiting

If you experience nausea and/or vomiting after consumption it’s likely to be related to a food allergy. If that’s the case, stop taking sea moss and consult a health care professional.

As a precaution, be sure to monitor the amount you consume. Before using any related products that you purchase, it’s also advised that you consult a health care professional to ensure it will be beneficial to your health.

How to Take Purple Sea Moss:

Purple Sea Moss Gel

Purple sea moss gel is soaked sea moss blended with water. There are multiple ways to use sea moss gel, making it a versatile way to add the vitamins and minerals of the moss. Purple sea moss gel, also called vegan gelatin, can be used as a thickening agent for soups, stews, protein shakes, ice cream, and other food as well.

This natural Jamaican gel can also be used for watering plants, as provides plants with a load of nutrients that helps them grow and thrive. Sea moss gel is also great as a face mask, as it helps you add a healthy glow.

Here is a brand of purple sea moss gel we like:

RemedyPlus CBD Infused Sea Moss Gel

Purple Sea Moss Pills or Capsules

Purple sea moss capsules offer a simple way to consume seaweed on a daily basis. Capsules contain amino acids, nutrients, and alginic and fatty acids to provide you with all of the benefits that come with this type of sea moss. Capsules do take longer to digest, but your body still gains the nutrients it needs from the substance itself.

Purple Sea Moss Powder

Sea moss powder is made of dried seaweed that has been crushed into a fine powder. In this type of form, you can consume it in your favorite smoothies, gel, shakes, yogurt, or tea. It can also be sprinkled over a variety of meals, making this form of Irish sea moss versatile in its ways of consumption.

Raw Purple Sea Moss

While it’s possible to consume raw purple sea moss on its own, some may find the potent raw form harder to ingest. This is completely edible, but sea moss may taste better when mixed into drinks or soups.

Purple Sea Moss Soap

Sea moss is a skincare powerhouse, making it perfect to use as soap. When used topically, the sea moss may transform dry, patchy skin into a hydrated, glowing result. It’s also been linked to treating various issues including eczema, psoriasis, and sunburns.

Dosage – How much purple moss to take daily?

Ingesting too much iodine into your body can result in problems with your thyroid’s function. Purple sea moss features a hefty amount of this mineral, making it important that you follow the recommended dosage for any related products that you purchase.

Generally, it’s advised that you take 1 to 2 tablespoons or 4 to 8 grams of sea moss per day. For sea moss capsules or pills, be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging in order to take the proper dosage for the product.

Key Takeaways

All in all, purple sea moss is a nutrient-rich, nature-derived antioxidant that supports many healthy functions within your body. Whether you take it in pill form or use it in soap form, you can experience multiple benefits such as improved thyroid function, hair and nails, and a healthier immune system.

If you are thinking about incorporating it into your diet, you should speak with your doctor first. They will be able to provide more information on whether or not it would be a healthy addition to your diet.

Further, when purchasing these products, look to the packaging labels for more information. You may want to look out for the following:

  • What, if any, government labels the package has to determine the level of regulation and testing the product underwent
  • Other ingredients in the product that you could be sensitive to

Disclaimers: This article does not constitute professional medical advice, nor can it replace the advice of a licensed professional.

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