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2. Ocular Cancer

Collage image of ocular melanoma
Left – Jonathan Trobe, M.D. – University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center (CC BY 3.0) Right – Maliflower73/

Eye cancer, also called ocular cancer, is a rare form of melanoma that can develop in the eyes. 

What is eye melanoma?

The two primary forms of this condition are conjunctival melanoma and uveal melanoma. Conjunctival melanoma occurs in the conjunctiva, the mucus membrane that lines the sides and inside of the eyelids. Uveal melanoma occurs in the uvea, the pigmented part of the eye.

How deadly is ocular melanoma?

According to SEER, prognosis (survival rate) for eye melanoma 5 years after a diagnosis is as follows:

  • Average – 82%
  • Localized – 85%
  • Regional – 71%
  • Distant – 13%

The following form of skin cancer is fortunately far more treatable…

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